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Filling out your questionnaire is your opportunity to provide feedback on courses and teaching at Western and its affiliates. Instructors and administrators take your feedback seriously. It's needed to help identify strengths and opportunities for improving courses, teaching, and degree programs:

  • It helps instructors better understand which elements of their courses and approaches to teaching are supporting student learning. It also helps them see where they can make improvements.
  • Questionnaire feedback is used in decisions about courses, degree programming, promotion and tenure, and hiring.
  • Students can access past questionnaire results when making decisions about course selection.

These important outcomes can't happen without you, so contribute to the Western teaching and learning community by giving us your feedback!

You'll receive an email link to Your Feedback when your course questionnaires open. You'll also be able to access the questionnaires through links in OWL and Student Centre. The How Your Feedback Works page demonstrates how easy and convenient filling out the questionnaire is. Just be sure to fill out the questionnaires before the close date.

Remember: When you see the link, tell us what you think!

  • Here is the schedule for course feedback dates.
  • A few courses may have different questionnaire dates. You'll receive email reminders from Your Feedback about questionnaire open and close dates if you're taking one of these courses
Yes! Your Feedback is completely online and the questionnaires can be filled out on any desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet, regardless of its operating system. You don't even have to download an app. You can fill out your questionnaires where you want, when you want as long as they are still open.
A single course questionnaire takes about 10-15 minutes, depending on the amount of written feedback you provide.

Instructors are able to add up to four supplementary questions to the end of course SQCTs. Instructors may have added these questions in order to get more specific feedback from students about a certain element of the course that is not covered in the core questions. Only the instructor will see the responses from these questions.

No. You choose when to complete each course questionnaire. You can even save your work part way through a questionnaire and then finish providing feedback on the course later. Just be sure to finish it before the close date!

Instructors will still provide time to fill out the questionnaire during a class near the end of the term, which you'll complete on your own device. If you don't finish it during that time, you can save it and finish it later.

The questionnaire response reports contain no identifying student information. Your questionnaire answers are confidential. Instructors, Chairs/Directors, and Deans can't identify who provided feedback. They will also not see the compiled ratings and comments until after final grades are submitted.

a. What about those reminder emails?

The online system is set up to send out scheduled messages automatically to anyone who hasn't completed all of their course questionnaires.

b. Can my instructor see if I've completed the questionnaire?

Instructors and administrators can generate a response rate summary report for their classes during the questionnaire period, but they can't see which individuals have or have not completed their questionnaires.

c. When does the instructor see my questionnaire?

Compiled student ratings, not individual ratings, are shared with instructors, Chairs/Directors, and Deans after final grades have been submitted, and the reports contain no identifying information. At the same time, instructors can read any comments you've written about their instruction, and your comments on courses will be available for instructors and Deans to read.

If you'd like to know more about what instructors and administrators see when they check response rates and receive questionnaire feedback, visual examples are available on the Instructor Using the Your Feedback System page.

The written comments you make on your questionnaires help with the interpretation of numerical rating data. They also provide specific details on instructor and course strengths as well as how teaching and courses can be improved at Western. Our "Writing Effective Feedback" page is designed to help you create clear and helpful written comments.

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