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Contest Details

Western students who complete at least one Student Questionnaire on Courses and Teaching (SQCT) using the Your Feedback system during the end of course feedback period will be entered into a random prize draw for 1 of 5 $500 Gift Cards. Each questionnaire completed during the 3-week end of course feedback period will count as 1 entry into the draw.

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Fall 2019 Grand Prize Winner
iPhone 11 ($1,400 Value)

Grand Prize Winner: Jyoti Singh

Jyoti Singh

Why do you think Course Feedback is important?
I think Feedback provides an opportunity for everyday students, whose voices might not usually be heard, to share their opinions that can help future students. As years go by, it's important for professors to hear from everyday students.

What encouraged you to complete your Course Feedback?
I felt inspired by one of my professors and wanted them to know, so that hopefully they can continue to feel inspired themselves.

Early Bird Draw Winners
Book Store and Hospitality Gift Cards

Below are a few of the eight Early Bird Draw winners who received either a $250 Book Store Gift Card, or a $100 Hospitality Gift Card

Early Bird Winner: Caitlin Pfeiffer

Caitlin Pfeiffer
$250 Book Store Gift Card

Early Bird Winner: Adriana Gallo

Adriana Gallo
$100 Hospitality Gift Card

Early Bird Winner: Rajvi Patel

Rajvi Patel
$250 Book Store Gift Card

Early Bird Winner: Jessie Feng

Jessie Feng
$100 Hospitality Gift Card

Previous Prize Winners

Summer 2018 Winner

Nicholas Ducharme

What did you like about the Your Feedback online system?

"I like that the new feedback online system is simple to use and can be done quickly."

Why do you think giving your feedback on courses and teaching is important?

"I think it is important to give your feedback on courses and teaching to help the professors improve their lecturing skills. Constructive criticism is the best way for professors to apply new learning techniques that may improve the learning experience of the students that take the course after you."

Summer 2017 Winners

Chris Breen

Chris Breen
English Major at Huron

Why do you think giving your feedback on courses and teaching is important?

"Giving feedback on courses and teaching is important for improving them from year to year with finding different strategies to get the best outcome from a class. If there is no method of giving feedback about a teacher or course then no one will know if there are issues with that professor or if the course could be improved in some manner."

Katherine McIlveen-Brown

Katherine McIlveen-Brown
Masters student in Business Administration

What did you like about the Your Feedback online system?

"The new feedback system offers a really streamlined and simple method to provide feedback. It's easy to make corrections on the feedback that we've given because it's computer-based. I feel the questions are fair and it's not overly cumbersome to complete."

Why do you think giving your feedback on courses and teaching is important?

"I think it's really important to have a confidential way to communicate with the prof and administrators at Western -- it changes the nature of the response and makes it more okay to give constructive feedback."

Rachel Gignac

Rachel Gignac
Compressed time frame Nursing Program

What did you like about the Your Feedback online system?

"It is easier to complete them in your own time and you can put more thought into comments and your responses when you are not rushed in class."

Why do you think giving your feedback on courses and teaching is important?

"It allows professors/ the school to rearrange courses or adjust the course to better tailor it to student needs and work to make the course better. Professors can also get good feedback and feel positive about their work."

We asked our 5 previous winners of the $500 giftcard to answer a few questions about the feedback process, and this is some of what they have to say:

"It was an easy way to share my opinions of my year at Western. Without giving feedback no one would know how students feel. With this feedback it allows for change that can improve the Western experience for all students."

Haley H., 1st year Undergrad Science

"I do like this [Feedback system] because it allows us to provide a detailed feedback and mention issues or things we like about each class/professor. Everyone has a different experience with every course so it is important to provide the feedback that is necessary."

"Most of my courses at Western are in huge numbers and often the profs don't know if the things in class help or not and providing this constructive feedback definitely helps them do better the following year."

Taniya S., 1st year Undergrad FIMS

"I think all the professors in Biochem are fantastic! They are always eager to help and provide guidance!"

"I think [the Feedback system] is very convenient as you can have access to it anytime and it makes it easier to provide written feedback."

"Having taught as a TA and in discussions with professors I know that course feedback is important both for the improvement of the course and for lecturers to improve in how they teach a course."

Safee M., 4th year PhD Biochemistry

"It was easy to use!"

"Having the opportunity to provide feedback allows students an avenue to which they can actively participate in the determination of the availability of courses for their respective programs and, to some extent, the appointment, or the request to return, of some professors to those courses. Giving feedback allows concerns / comments to be heard and addressed by the people who have the tools and ability to implement change."

Ashley P., 1st year Bachelor of Education

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