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Students at Western have completed university-wide questionnaires since Fall 1996, and the distribution of the questionnaires and generated results are supported by the Faculty Collective Agreement. Results gathered from the questionnaires serves a variety of purposes:

  • Instructors can use the results to identify course and teaching strengths, build on effective practices, and improve other practices
  • Faculties can use the results for course and program development
  • Questionnaire results are combined with other information to form a teaching dossier. It is also used in Western's regular faculty review process, including Promotion and Tenure
  • Students may use questionnaire results when selecting their courses
  • Previously, only students present when questionnaires were distributed in class could complete them. Now, all students will have access to their course questionnaires as long as they are open
  • The online system can generate reports tailored specifically to the instructor, department, and faculty level
  • Beginning in Fall 2017, questions can be added to the questionnaire that reflect areas of interest to individual instructors
  • Results are now automated, reducing the time needed to generate reports

The process of administering the SQCTs in class has not changed, with the exception that the online questionnaire replaces the paper Scantron version: Students will complete their questionnaire on their smartphones, tablets, or laptops. A full list of instructions for individuals administering the questionnaires can be found on the Your Feedback Classroom Administration page.

High response rates are desirable. Your Feedback contains several automated features that are designed to encourage students to complete their questionnaire. Instructors should continue to provide 15 minutes of class time for students to complete questionnaires on their own devices. This site also provides a list of other strategies for supporting a high class response rate.

Currently, the online version of the student questionnaire on courses and teaching is the one used at Western since 1996.
If a course has multiple instructors and at least one of those instructors wishes to have students complete the SQCT outside of the regular three-week course feedback period, the Your Feedback Departmental Coordinator should contact Krista Dziuba from the Office of the Registrar.
Beginning with Fall 2017 courses, instructors will be able to select questions from a pool of items to add to the questionnaire.

The distribution of questionnaire outcomes remains the same as in previous years. The compiled ratings reports are shared with instructors and Deans. Data reports contain no identifying student information. Only instructors have access to any comments students have written about the instruction. Student comments on courses are available to instructors and Deans.

Western students, faculty, and staff can view ratings data by logging in to a secure website using their Western user ID and password. Written comments do not appear on this site.

As per senate regulations, data from courses with 5 or fewer responses will not be sent to the instructor or Dean. However, it may be possible in the future to aggregate this data and release two or more years of data from a course to instructors and Deans in order to protect students' confidentiality while still giving instructors, departments, and faculties valuable feedback on courses and instruction.

Beginning in the 2017-2018 academic year, you will be able to use the online system to collect mid-term feedback, which studies show can help lead to more positive responses on end-of-term questionnaires.

Currently, the Your Feedback system collects SQCT data from:

  • All main campus undergraduate courses, including Ivey Business School
  • Huron University College
  • Bachelor of Education courses
  • Law (professional degree)
  • Graduate courses in programs that opted in to the Your Feedback system
  • Distance Studies

Western University Student Questionnaire
on Courses and Teaching Information Session (Fall 2016)

During the week of September 19, 2016, Western University held two information sessions about moving its Student Questionnaire on Courses and Teaching to an online administration system. This video was created to share content from the information sessions with those who could not attend.

Please direct any comments or questions about the content in this video to