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What are Your Feedback Student Questionnaires on Courses and Teaching?

Your Feedback is Western's online system for administering end-of-course student questionnaires on courses and teaching. Filling out Your Feedback questionnaires is an important way for students to contribute to the quality of courses and instruction at Western. Powered by Blue, this information helps the Western community acknowledge outstanding teaching and courses, while also indicating where we could improve. It's also is considered in regular faculty review, including promotion and tenure decisions, and helps students select future courses. Your Feedback matters!

Why are the end-of-course questionnaires moving online?



Western is committed to minimizing its impact on the environment. Your Feedback will eliminate the approximately 225,000 sheets of paper per year previously used to administer the questionnaires.



Once the evaluation period begins, students will be able to fill out their questionnaires when they want and where they want. Your Feedback can be accessed through email, OWL, and Student Centre using desktops, laptops, tablets, or smartphones, regardless of the operating system.

Student Engagement

Student engagement

The increased accessibility and flexibility of online questionnaires means more opportunities to foster student engagement with instructional excellence and course development in the Western community.



Your Feedback exceeds Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and is compatible with current assistive technologies, making it accessible to all end users.



Your Feedback adapts to non-standard courses and scheduling, for example, team-taught or cross-listed courses

Customizable Data

Customizable data

Beginning in the 2017-2018 academic year, instructors, Chairs/Directors, and Deans will be able to include additional questions on Your Feedback. This means feedback can be customized for a wide variety of teaching and learning contexts.

Multi-Level Reporting

Multi-level reporting

Data reports can be tailored to the course, department, and instructor levels.

Faster Reporting

Faster Reporting

Your Feedback supports quick generation and dissemination of reports and feedback to instructors, Chairs/Directors, and Deans.

Response Rates

Up-to-date Response rates

Your Feedback makes it possible conveniently to track overall course response rates (but not individual responses) in order to encourage questionnaire completion.



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