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Questionnaire Personalization

Instructors can now opt-in to two optional questionnaire functionalities that allow for the personalization of the feedback process. Opt-in to one or both of these functionalities (described below) by visiting

First, you have the option to include a Midterm Check-In for your course. Instructors are able to use the online system to collect midterm feedback. The period to opt-in and select questions is September 24th to October 12th. Students will complete the Midterm Check-In between October 15th to October 19th. To opt-in and select your Midterm Check-In questions, go to

Second, you also have the option to add two supplemental questions from a question pool to your end of course SQCTs to receive personalized feedback. The period to opt-in to the SQCT Supplementary Questions is October 29th to November 16th and is done at

The results of these questions for both the Midterm Check-In and supplemental end of course SQCT questions are only made available to the instructor. Both of these functionalities for gathering additional feedback are optional.

For team-taught courses, each instructor will have their own individual questionnaire and question selections for the course.